EYLUL DURANAGAC Creative Director I Academician I Media Artist 

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We are all future makers who contribute to shaping the future of the World. We do this through new inventions and innovations, breakthrough technological advances, creative coding, technological infrastructures, artificial intelligence and any other future-oriented finds to design hope for a better future. Without having knowledge about the smallest building block of matter, one cannot understand what the Universe offers. As Ouchhh, we believe in the interstellar future. Thus, in our work AVA V2, we introduce this interstellar future to the audience by providing a temporal and spatial experience that integrates art, science, and technology. The installation turns into a trans-galactic exploration where we discover and gain knowledge about the structure and properties of matter. AVA V2 was featured at TEDxCERN 2016. AVA V2’s name is derived from the surface-volume shape coefficient. Inspired by the iconic dome structures of Buckminster Fuller and particle physics, the first version of the performance was screened at Paris. AVA V2 reflects the changing image of powder characterization using particle size analysis and cosmic rays. This installation and its structure were designed with assembly/disassembly in mind, thus allowing the installation to be re-performed anywhere in same conditions.


2017-German Design Award- AVA_V2 / Particle Physics_Scientific_Installation-Excellent Communication Design
2017- Codawards in the commercial category with ''AVA V2 Particle Physics Scientific Installation'’
2017- Red Dot Design Award- AVA_V2 / Particle Physics_Scientific_Installation-Communication Design Category
2017- 10th Annual IDA Awards (The International Design Awards)- AVA V2 Particle Physics Scientific Installation in Multi media -Animation category- Silver -Los angeles

2017- 10th Annual IDA Awards (The International Design Awards)- AVA V2 Particle Physics Scientific Installation in animation category- Honorable Mention- Los Angeles
2017- ADC Awards ( The Art Directors Club )- AVA V2 Particle Physics Scientific Installation in Museums / Gallery Installation category- Silver Cube -New York

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (ouchhh.tv)
Sound Design: Audiofil

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.