EYLUL DURANAGAC Creative Director I Academician I Media Artist 

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DATAF/UX_New Data Sculpture
_Public Art_MOHAI_Seattle

Data F/ux is a quantitative expression of the brilliance of a source of visible light, which is electromagnetic energy within the wavelength range. By processing information with light; Can Ouchhh create the next wonder material? Or can The MOHAI change its own shell with the flux? Ouchhh’s aim is to create data storytelling fluxes by performing with we got from the 3d data’s of the MOHAI. In this data storytelling fluxes, Ouchhh will create data sculpture by the museum’s own architectural data then stylized new materials with the unique aesthetic of Ouchhh Studio for public art.
Borealis - a festival of light.

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (www.ouchhh.tv)
Drone Video by Drones&Beyond

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.