EYLUL DURANAGAC Creative Director I Academician I Media Artist 

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DATANOVA _ Public Art


A DATANOVA (data supernova) is the explosion of a data of stars. It is the largest explosion that takes place in space. Ouchhh are inspired by star maps of Tokyo to establish a sound and visual dialogue between urban and stellar landscapes of the city. Thanks to clever use of graphics and 3D animations, features and peculiarities of the City will merge into geometric harmonies, abstract figures and skyline for audiovisual experience to great effect. The studio will use Tokyo star map data and combine with this data with the parametric architecture. Ouchhh will create architectural metamorphosis with data novas. All this while remaining in the centre of Tokyo, that is: the landscape seen through the eyes of an astrophysicist and return with the artist’s gaze.

Interstellar Architecture Metamorphosis
The universe is based on an algorithm. All living and non-living creatures live in the algorithmic habit of the universe harmonizingly. Ouchhh has a general interest for the geometrical and mathematical forms in architectural structures. When Studio looked at an algorithm, which is defined as the necessary phase to solve out a problem, and the algorithmic thought parameters, they observed order and harmony which is hidden in parametric and non-parametric architectural concept. Ouchhh Studio will convey the harmony of non-parametric architectural canvas and the complex organic structure of parametric architecture to the audience by use of primitive objects through abstract visuals.Ouchhh's aim is to tear the building's facade from its current form and will transform it into parametric architecture. In so doing the Studio will draw from the theory that all of the universe is based on an algorithm through which all animate and inanimate beings exist in harmony.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.