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GitHubXOuchhh_DataCosmos_Installation_Public Art

GitHubXOuchhh_DataCosmos installation is an interactive immersive experience of the Github user and their relations. It used approximately 7 million users real-time data and 30 million connection. We collected a huge data corpus that represents a GitHub user and users interconnected amongst each other, based on who they follow and by whom they are followed.

In order to visualize this information in an interactive way, we distributed all the users in space. Then, we moved each and every user closer to those they follow and those follow them. By using an iterative approach, the entirety of the user base is analyzed over and over in a random order for their repositioning. As a result of this approach, the islands of well-connected users emerged. Starting out complete randomness, from clusters of users, connected to each other by information; just like galaxies.

For the interactive part of this installation; we invited our guests to search for their - or for their favorite programmer’s - github user handle.

Every user search transported our gaze to that user’s position in space, as well as pulling near everyone who follows them for a glimpse of their relation to the rest of the Github Universe.

Direction_Design_Animation_Coding _Sound Design: Ouchhh (ouchhh.tv)

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.