EYLUL DURANAGAC Creative Director I Academician I Media Artist 

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_Atelier des Lumières in Paris for 6 months! 50K pixel, 136 projectors

By using machine learning and AI algorithms, we created scientific conscious Poetic Refraction of AI reality which learns from millions of lines of theory, articles and books about light, physics, space-time that is written by scientists who change the destiny of the world and write history.

‘’Could Ouchhh create super scientist consciousness using by machine learning and Ai?’’

This year, in April, with the use of machine learning and AI algorithms; We were inspired by the idea of a poetic breakdown of AI and the theories and text that it may create after being trained on a huge corpus of articles and books which approximately would add up to 20 million sentences written about of light, physics, space, time. All these ideas by famous scientists who changed the destiny of the world.

Starting with the idea of making this on a huge canvas that is been experienced in Ouchhh ’s artistic vision. Our purpose was to transform an everyday life place in a public space into a poetic universe with more quality, livable, unpredictable realities, creating experiences that combine AI, artistic interaction, scientific consciousness. 1million people visited the exhibition in just 7 months. (http://www.atelier-lumieres.com/).The work utilizes the use of Recurrent Neural Networks [We used Tensorflow] to generate new and novel text after being trained on hundreds of books and articles [approx. 20 million lines of text] on physics-related sciences. Ouchhh has collected a huge data corpus dating back to Galileo and with topics from Quantum Mechanics to Astronomy.

PROCESS Through the process of making, were quite amazed by the researchers which study the links between the natural language processing, human language/learning process, consciousness in ai. Studio aim is start with the observation that art and science are the primary, interlocked and essential components in the production of human knowledge: Art and science are distinct and intertwined, two elements of a single compound. At the same time as AI and  Data open up new fields of artistic expression, AI-based art itself becomes a fundamental research, posing and answering novel research questions that would not be raised unless doing AI research in the context of art.


Studio has experimented with t-SNE by converting these set of documents to a term frequency-inverse document frequency matrix and then visualizing it in 3D space. This was only for visualization and classification purposes. Our aim is to make people feelclose to it by touching the data sculpture of the 50 million lines and theories made by AI, like traditional art and we think this is a nice contrast.

T-SNE AI Data Sculpture for POETIC AI Exhibition video

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (ouchhh.tv)
Sound Design:  AudioFil

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.