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Parallel Universe Retrospective Solo Exhibit by Ouchhh
_ Artechouse Washington D.C

Immerse in a psychedelic, eye-of-the-storm experience of whirling fractals and light beams as ARTECHOUSE presents Parallel Universe by Ouchhh!
Visually and aurally mesmerizing, Parallel Universe is the first solo retrospective exhibit for an internationally acclaimed Turkish art studio Ouchhh. Comprised of four installations, three world travelled and one created in collaboration with ARTECHOUSE specially for this show, it is a hypnotic and immersive multi-sensory experience unlike anything.The 3D motion mapped projections and light installations draw inspiration from science, mathematics and even astrology. They explore representations of nature and the reconstruction of space through new digital media. As you step into the exhibit, you'll be plunged into darkness while a mapping of circular, geometric and continuous transformations plays out to the tune of an eerily pulsating soundtrack.

"From an endless vortex of corkscrew-shaped fractals one minute to a net-like membrane to noodle-like coils the next, the seamless transformations exercise a hypnotic hold--glance away momentarily and you'll miss one." - The Architect's Newspaper

"Desert topography gets warped into a spiraling audiovisual experience" - Creators Vice

Sound Design:Audiofil

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.