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Revolution of Topography CAPPADOCIA_Epic History of Humanity_A/V Performance Mountain_Open Air Museum

Place: Cappadocia Zelve Valley Open Air Museum
Duration: 30 min.
Animation Content

Part 1:Amorphous Surface
Part 2: Revolution of Topography
Part 3: Epic History of Humanity

Projection Mapping Area: 12.000 m2

It is the largest mountain surface mapping and also considering as the first one with the longest screening time in the world as long as it can be seen there for 10 years.You can experience the world's largest rocky surface mapping in the mystic atmosphere of Cappadocia Zelve Valley for 10 years, which is the longest screening time for a projection mapping on the world. All phases of Cappadoccia's history ; beginning with the geographical formation and topographical transformations are animated using video mapping techniques. The first ages of civilization when the nature was full of secrets that human race can not explore and religion was comprising almost whole life, from the Hittites in Paleolithic age till today are visualized working on the valley's 12.000m2 surface as canvas. Cappadocia area is one of the most beautiful combinations of the nature and history in world. After geographical transformations are formed the fairy chimneys, people sculpted their houses, churches into them and decorated using frescos. In this way, the marks of their culture are conveyed till today.
Zelve Valley is a primordial area and it's known as the first place that Christianity started to spread around the field. There are monasteries, churches and human settlements. The area has a geological structure and it has a great importance for tourism at the present time.

Full Credit:
Production Company: FikirbazZenger
Producer: Aşkın Elibol, Onur Umur
Animation Company: Ouchhh

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.