EYLUL DURANAGAC Creative Director I Academician I Media Artist 

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SPHINX: CONNECTING CITIES The Ouchhh are inspired by the topography and the astral maps of Barcelona and Istanbul to establish a sound and visual dialogue between urban and stellar landscapes of the two cities.The inspiration comes from the extreme diversity of Istanbul’s landform and historical places, star pattern map above the Istanbul and Barcelona.

‘’ Thanks to clever use of graphics and 3D animations , features and peculiarities of the two capitals European culture will merge intogeometric harmonies, abstract figures, drawings and skyline for audiovisual experience to great effect.All this while remaining in the center of Barcelona. Sphinx , that is: the landscape seen through the eyes of a mathematician and returned with the artist’s gaze. In the square will be distributed the 3D glasses to allow viewers to immerse themselves.’’


Direction& Design&Animation:Ouchhh  (www.ouchhh.tv)

Sound Design:Audiofil

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.